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TeachSafe Portal

One of the biggest challenges when implementing OHS procedures is making sure everyone can access the right documents, while making sure that everyone is working from the latest version. At TeachSafe, we have designed an online platform and that provides each school with its own complimentary portal to host all relevant documentation.


This includes: 

  • Automated reminders of important OHS dates 

  • Staff training matrix 

  • Central database of all school-wide policies 

  • Immediate updates uploaded by the TeachSafe team

  • Separate login for administrators 

  • School-wide communication of emergency procedures 

Administrative Services

Schools are focused primarily on one thing, teaching. And while safety and wellbeing of students is always the priority, the documentation that records what you're doing often comes second compared to the needs of students.


TeachSafe sits in the background, making sure that the administrative paperwork is complete, allowing schools to focus on teaching. We work closely with school staff members to make sure that we understand your school culture, your existing procedures and protocols and take the hassle out of recording and documenting it in a way that is compliant with Department of Education standards.


We also provide advice on what is needed to ensure your school meets the requirements stated by the Department of Education, draft policies on anaphylaxis, sort out school playground inspections and even the tagging of your electrical equipment. 

To ensure we know your school and requirements, TeachSafe attends quarterly OHS meetings so that we know what is happening at your school and continue to provide invaluable support throughout the year.

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Bespoke Training

For TeachSafe to work effectively, we need to build relationships with key stakeholders to make sure we have the information we require. For instance, we will need to be notified when new buildings are added to campus, when fire drills have been successfully completed and be aware of any changes or events which would impact workplace safety. 

Staff also need to be made aware of how the OHMS documentation functions. So, as part of employing TeachSafe, we'll deliver training so that everyone understands what their requirements are towards maintaining accurate and effective documentation. 

Policy Updates

Utilising the standards set out by the Department of Education, TeachSafe will draft policies that are required for your workplace. As part of our ongoing support, we'll let you know about any changes to legislation that require additional policies and/or procedures. This is included as part of your annual service fee. This means that TeachSafe will adapt and continue to support you as your school's requirements and legislation evolves. 

At the end of the year, we'll also review the exisiting policies and update them so that you start the school year with all your documentation ready to go. 

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